Ashley Miers

With a story as deep and full of meaning as the music she writes to help her own personal success journey, Ashely Miers talks with the students about the ever increasing Mental Health needs on (and off) the college campus. The mere definition of mental health has drastically changed over the past decade and needs to be addressed and Ashley does so in a relevant, tasteful, and creative manner.

Coming from years of depression, drug use, relationship abuse, and self-injury, Ashely's first-hand account not only provides healing and encouragement, but gives a message of hope: full of inspiration and empowerment. She believes in the message she shares and you can feel her passion and desire with every word.

As a musician, Ashley has had her music placed in ABC Family's "Make it of Break it", Mental Health America, and national placement with Gamma Phi Beta sorority for two separate philanthropic video campaigns.

As a speaker, Ashley Miers has embraced a significant topic and is ready to impact colleges across the country as she speaks to your campus regarding the topic of Mental Health.

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