Music Mayhem

Love playing games? For a super fun, interactive event, Music Mayhem is just what the students at colleges are looking for!

If you think you know your tunes - Prove it in this fast-paced music trivia game! A mixture of "Name that Tune" and "Wheel of Fortune", with a set of songs relevant to today's students and your campus specifically, the host and DJ work one on one with each school to make this event unique to each individual campus.

Starting as a board game in 1999, Music Mayhem is now enjoyed all over the world; from the original board game: to on-line competitions from every corner of the globe: to the most engaging live event to hit your campus - Music Mayhem will be the "Event of the Year" at your college.

Providing prizes for your winners, this event allows the students to earn points and prizes and have fun in 3 different ways: Listen, answer by ear for the most points; Look, hints appear as the timer runs down: and Guess, quicker answers get more points.

By bringing Music Mayhem to your campus, you are providing your students the opportunity to win prizes (included with price), customized songs for your campus, high energy, and excitement that is hard to contain. Music Mayhem even provides some pre-event marketing for the use in promoting the live event.

With something for everyone, the Music Mayhem experience includes a DJ, and an energetic host. Music Mayhem is set to ensure the most successful, interactive event that is destine to be a BIG HIT!!!

Isolated - $1,975
3 of 5 - $1,875
5 of 7 - $1,775

+Travel, Lodging, Meals, Sound, Lights.