Are you looking for a way to bring comedy and music to your campus? Together? Well look not farther - These 5 guys are simply - Un5gettable!! This is what happened when 5 guys got together and thought "What if?? Just what if we could create a 'fake' boy band AFTER the modern boy band was popular? Our jokes would not be topical? Thus became "Un5gettable."

With crafty, realistic lyrics that combine to tell a story that is so hilarious you can not help but laugh, Un5gettable is quoted to be equivalent to "If Weird Al and Progressive Flo had a family who grew up to be a boy band, the result would be Un5gettabe! If you are in need of a one of a kind band that makes you laugh like a comedian, then Un5gettable is the band for you."

With endorsements by Taylor Guitars, Sennheiser, and TC -Helicon, "Un5gettable" has made quite the name for themselves over the last few years and are now eager to take the college market.


Isolated - $1,500
3 of 5 - $1,375
5 of 7 - $1,300

+Travel, Lodging, Meals, Sound, Lights.